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Organization Development Services


Education Strategy


We work with an internal team to design a learning strategy for the organization.  The strategy includes an education model; targeted audiences; the curriculum for each audience, length of courses; possible instructors; resource requirements and in internal marketing strategy.


Organizational Diagnosis


This is a diagnostic tool to identify the issues and processes present in any system that are helping or hindering the growth of your business.  This is done through data collection in your organization and comparing your profile to those of other successful companies.  Feedback is given to the organization and strategies are developed to increase organizational effectiveness. 


Surveys can also be conducted to focus on specific issues in the organization (e.g. turn over, culture, reactions to change, benefits).  Through written questionnaires, interviews or focus groups, a clear picture emerges from which resolution strategies can be built.


Team Building


This intervention allows a working team the opportunity to assess its strengths, as well as those areas that need improvement.  The goals of a team building effort are to provide team members with:


       Clarity of team values, mission & goals.


       Identification of issues present in the team.


       Techniques to overcome obstacles present in the team.


       Feedback on their contribution to the team from peers.


       Resolution of outstanding issues.


Strategy Alignment


Because of the rapid rate of change required in business today, interdependent parts of the organization quickly lose their synergy.  They pursue disparate goals, which are one major reason companies lose their competitive edge.  In aligning the various levels of the organization, we help articulate the mission.  This drives the strategy, which cascades into major initiatives for teams and ultimately drives individual performance objectives.  Depending upon the situation, we will work at all level(s) of the organization that are incongruent.


Performance Management Process


Managing the most costly item of a business, the workforce,requires a system that provides guidance to supervisors while enabling an organization to manage its salary dollars most effectively.  A well-designed Performance Management Process results in improved workforce productivity, elimination of poor performers, and the ability to pay for performance.  We provide assistance in the design of the system, new compensation measures, creating new performance appraisal measures, and providing training to implement the process.


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